A new beginning
A new chapter of my life
Started the day
When I thought it could be my last
My eyes were wide shut, but I
I hadn’t given up
Just thought I’d be working
The world alone

Out of the blue
There I met you
You showed me a life
I can’t see without you
And there’s just no way
That I can fight these emotions
Your energy running through me
Nobody can renew me
Like you
Out of the blue
Can this be true

Family and friends they were my life
I wasn’t one for butterflies
But you gave me love that I can’t disguise
There will be times when we’re apart
I want you to know you’re in my heart
Growing into a beautiful garden

No emotions
My whole body felt like ice
Needed to feel that the sun would shine my way
My world had turned to dust but I
I had my faith and trust
Just thought I’d be walking
The world alone